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Quick Readings

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On the go and looking for a Quick Reading?

A quick reading is one question answered in a 2 - 10 minute session on Tuesdays from

12:00PM EST - 2:00PM EST. 

Ready to get started? Click below!

$7.00 per session


What You Get

Experienced, psychic tarot readers who take a common-sense (albeit unique) approach to helping you find the life you always wanted, achieve your goals, and be happy.

def.–”Odd Duck” [od duhk]: -adjective, noun for

1. A person with a few “eccentricities”.

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The Tarot

    The tarot has existed for centuries, first as a card game in Europe and then as a guide for mystic and spiritual divination. Tarot does not predict the future, no one can predict it completely. Instead, tarot points out the consequences a client might face if they continue on a particular path, the obstacles in their way, or new paths that might bring greater fulfillment and happiness. Each reading is as individual as the person being read and comes in many forms. Our readers use tarot decks as a lens to focus the spiritual energies around the client, thus obtaining glimpses of possible futures.



Tarot Reading

Private Readings By...

Casey Giovinco

As a tarot reader and published author (books), Casey brings his extensive knowledge of metaphysical subjects like numerology and astrology to the table. He takes a compassionate approach to reading the cards that both encourages and uplifts the client. Ask him about the kumquats in the apple basket of life. You'll be glad you did.


Private Readings By...


With over 25 years' experience as a tarot reader, Shawn uses his knowledge of tarot's nuances to bring out the most in a reading. Shawn uses his background as the original Odd Duck to draw out his clients' needs, helping them to identify challenges and find options for surmounting them. Ask Shawn about hidden fruit. You will never look at food the same way again.

Private Readings By...


Even though only one eye sees on the material plane, Aaron's psychic vision is 20-20. Aaron brings nearly a decade's worth of experience in metaphysics to every reading. Ask him the name of his favorite cartoon character. He'll be sitting here quietly if anybody needs him.

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"Four Odd Ducks have amazing readers and amazing people! They are very intuitive not only to the messages they receives but also to the person they are with. They made me feel very comfortable about the messages. All around amazing and wonderful people and experience."


"I can't believe what a difference these readers have made for me. They listen to what my concerns are and always help me to see things clearer. The guidance I have gotten over the years has definitely helped me open my eyes to things that were right in front of me all along. Wonderful people!!"


"My reader read the tarot cards for me and answered my questions. He was so accurate that it was amazing. I look forward to another reading in the future"


“It was an amazing reading, insightful, intuitive and very informative with giving me real tools to work with.”


Interested in learning more?

Tarot by the Numbers

Have you tried to learn tarot before?


Have you struggled with memorizing the meanings of the 78 cards?


If so, this is the course for you. Casey Giovinco, a published author and witch, has put together this quick guide to help you called "Tarot By The Numbers." By combining Numerology with the Tarot, Casey provides an easy method for memorizing as many as four cards at once.

In addition to helping you connect with the cards in a simple and clear way, Casey also helps his reader find a deeper meaning to the cards than either Tarot or Numerology alone is able to provide. "Tarot By The Numbers" is a new training lesson, available by downloadable PDF. Interested in learning more? Click Below!

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